Valery Balyabin: “At PSI Russia we will not only present our products, but also share with our visitors the values of the STAN brand”

The basis of any exhibition is its exhibitors. It is on what products they represent and how visitors are greeted that the effectiveness of the event depends. The ability to create at its booth at the same time and the working and friendly atmosphere has always been different company STAN. Its CEO Valery Balyabin on the eve of PSI Russia 2018 answered some of our questions.


- Valery, STAN will take part in the exhibition-festival PSI Russia 2018. What do you expect from this event?


- The PSI exhibition in Düsseldorf gathers under its roof recognized market leaders and a very high-quality audience that comes to the event to understand how the market is developing, to see the most modern products and technologies, to feel the trends of the coming year and find new partners. We very much hope that PSI Russia will become an equally effective platform for us.


We expect that the new creative space format will attract advertising industry professionals from all over the country, progressive marketing and advertising directors, pr-managers, event managers, and, of course, the vast majority of professionals who have become disillusioned with standard exhibition projects.


- How will your company surprise visitors to PSI Russia 2018?


- A truly unusual approach to the presentation of its products. We want not just to show clothes on hangers, but to share our values ​​- to explain why we are engaged in textiles and how we help our clients. I will not disclose all the details, but I think our stand will definitely be remembered!


- At PSI in Düsseldorf, you had the opportunity to talk with colleagues from Europe and see how European manufacturers of advertising and souvenir products and advertising agencies work at the exhibition. How do you think the Russian promotional industry differs from the European one? Are there any differences in the attitude of customers to textile products in Russia and in Europe?


- First of all, I would like to note the difference in the volume of the market of promotional products. We are still very far from the European level. And this is directly connected with the business mentality and with the attitude to the promotional products in general: in Europe, no event can do without a set of branded souvenirs, whereas in Russia it is an optional addition, and if the company has “extra” money. In Europe, promotional gifts have long established themselves as indispensable parts of an advertising campaign and effective tools of marketing communications. In Russia, very often this has to be proved to clients.


The attitude to the promotional products itself is also different: if a European customer orders a range of “promo”, he understands that the quality of the product depends on the price. In Russia, the customer for the minimum money wants the quality level of "luxury" to "once and for life."


- In your opinion, to what extent is the Russian market ready for the new format of industry events that PSI Russia will introduce in early September? What opportunities does the exhibition-festival open up for the Russian advertising and souvenir market?


- Of course, it is very nice that our industry is open to change and experimentation. Regarding the new format of the exhibition, I would say that the Russian market is not just ready, but very much looking forward to it. This approach gives all market players the opportunity to see global industry trends, the opportunity for a quality exchange of experience, the opportunity for an objective analysis of the industry and the opportunity to systematize knowledge about colleagues and competitors.


As for our company, we are always looking with interest at new ideas and concepts, we are not afraid of the new, we support and are pleased to participate in such projects.


- The organizers of the PSI Russia exhibition-festival decided to make it fully open to any visitors (including end customers). This is different from the approach taken by the PSI trade fair in Düsseldorf. How do you rate this decision?


- The task of the exhibition organizers is to ensure, first of all, a high-quality flow of guests, and it does not matter whether they are potential partners (advertising agencies and advertising and production companies) or corporate clients. And then it's up to the exhibitors: the performance of companies at the exhibition depends on how they will handle this stream on their stand.


As a manufacturer, it is always interesting for us to communicate directly with corporate clients in order to clarify their needs and requirements for the subsequent development of exactly those products that are necessary for the market. And, of course, to talk about how our products can work for the prosperity and strengthening of their companies.